13 Mart 2018 Salı


Almanca öğrenmek için kaynaklar

  • Memrise - lots of free vocabulary courses which use spaced repetition system
  • Languageguide - words by topics
  • Ielanguages - words by topics
  • Learnwitholiver - lots of flashcards with german vocabulary
  • Syvum - German to English vocabulary quizzes
  • Lingolia - words by topics with exercises
  • Anki - a website which lets you create flashcards and learn them using spaced repetition system
  • Cram - German flashcards
  • Quizlet - another website for flashcards creation
  • Cerego - lots of courses with german flashcards
  • Nthuleen - vocabulary woksheets by topics
  • Babadum - a fun and pretty vocabulary quiz
Some of my favourite grammar textbooks
Test your knowledge

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